How to invest in Egypt’s International Investment Boom

How to invest in Egypt’s International Investment Boom

July 4, 2021 Comments Off on How to invest in Egypt’s International Investment Boom By admin

The Egyptian Investment Boom is growing, and Egypt’s government is getting more serious about investing in international projects.

But while it is getting the job done, the Egyptian government has left a trail of destruction in its wake.

A government statement issued on Tuesday said that Egypt’s Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation (MASCA) has completed the construction of the Egyptian Embassy in Saudi Arabia and the completion of the first phase of the Saudi-Egyptian Business Dialogue.

The statement said that MASCA is planning to build an Egyptian consulate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

MASCA also plans to build a new office in Cairo, and a new cultural center.

MASCA also has been granted approval to build two new hotels in Cairo and two new tourist sites in Egypt.

The MASCA plans to invest around $50 million to create a tourist hub, which will house the Egyptian embassy, and create two more tourist destinations, which are also to be called Egyptian hotels.

The MASCA statement said MASCA will also build a tourism center in the capital of Cairo, which is being planned as a hub for tourism and other tourism services.

After the completion and construction of its new consulate, MASCA has also granted the approval for the construction and expansion of a new residential building in the eastern city of Minya, according to the statement.

MASCA is planning a new shopping center in Minya that will be a hub of shopping for Egyptians.

The new shopping mall will be financed by MASCA, and the MASCA development authority will also provide financing for the development of the shopping center.

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