Which are the biggest global investment opportunities?

Which are the biggest global investment opportunities?

July 13, 2021 Comments Off on Which are the biggest global investment opportunities? By admin

The global investment environment is changing and companies need to make decisions based on these changes, according to the head of a new study by the consulting firm Citi Global Investments.

The report, published Monday, looks at how the global economy is changing as companies look to diversify their investments, from investments in infrastructure to business expansion, and to expand into new markets.

Citi Global is the research arm of JPMorgan Chase, and is published by the firm’s Investment Research group.

Citi’s chief investment officer, Michael Krasnick, said the study looked at the potential for global investment, including both the money companies can make in emerging markets, and the opportunities for companies to make investments outside of emerging markets.

The study looked into the top 10 global investment possibilities, with a focus on the following three areas:A) Infrastructure: Infrastructure investment will increase, Citi said, with an estimated $2 trillion being spent on infrastructure globally in 2018.

This investment will also help companies create jobs, Citoro said.

B) Business Expansion: Companies will need to expand their operations and expand into countries and regions where the growth in their market is slow, he said.

C) Expansion into Emerging Markets: Companies that invest in emerging economies will also need to look at expanding their operations there, Citero said, which will also give them an opportunity to create jobs.CITI’s report also looked at a few areas of concern, such as climate change and the effect that the rapid growth of the internet and social media have on global commerce.

The global economic slowdown is also likely to continue, with the world’s economic growth set to slow to about 2.6% in 2020, from a high of 5.1% in 2014, according the World Bank.

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