What to know about the new Kingdom Investment International fund

What to know about the new Kingdom Investment International fund

July 27, 2021 Comments Off on What to know about the new Kingdom Investment International fund By admin

International investment bank,Kingdom Investment international, has been named the largest private equity firm in the world by the investment bank’s investors group.

The firm, which has offices in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has already raised a total of $3.5 billion in private equity funds over the last year, with more money on the way.

Kingdom invests in many sectors of the economy, from oil and gas to infrastructure and energy to telecommunications. 

It also invests in energy-related companies, including a Saudi-owned oil firm that recently merged with Saudi Arabia’s state-owned Aramco. 

“Its diversification into several sectors has helped the company grow over the past year and its market capitalization is now $4.5 trillion, more than 10 times the size of its US peers,” The Financial Times reported. 

(Read more: The $1 trillion question)According to its website, the firm was founded in 2015 by former executives of Goldman Sachs.

It’s currently valued at $3 billion.

The investment bank is currently focused on diversifying its portfolio and has a total investment portfolio of $8 billion.

Kingdoms investment fund invests in oil and natural gas companies, with a focus on Saudi Arabia.

The fund also invests heavily in oil refineries, gas pipelines and oil and mineral projects in Africa and the Middle East. 

Kingdom Investments is a subsidiary of HSBC Holdings plc. 

The fund also owns stakes in other private equity firms, such as Blackstone Group and Blackstone Private Equity.

(Read more) The firm’s investments are focused on the Middle Eastern region, particularly in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, and it has also invested in energy infrastructure projects in the region, according to its public filings.

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