Hackers are stealing Chinese investments

Hackers are stealing Chinese investments

August 12, 2021 Comments Off on Hackers are stealing Chinese investments By admin

The hacker group known as The Pirate Bay has stolen Chinese investments from several Chinese companies, including a joint venture with the state-owned Guangdong Construction Corporation, the group’s leader told China’s state-run Xinhua news agency.

“The group has stolen the Chinese investment in various companies,” Wang Yongshan, a top member of the group, said in an interview with the website, according to Xinhua.

The group also took control of two other Chinese companies that make equipment used in the construction industry, he said.

In the interview, Wang also confirmed that he was the only member of The Pirate Party to have been caught.

The theft of Chinese investments is part of a broader campaign by the group to undermine China’s sovereignty, Wang said, according for Xinhua and the state news agency Xinhua News.

The hacking campaign started last month after The Pirate Barons’ hacking group, The Pirate Warriors, launched an online campaign targeting foreign companies that did business with the Guangdang company, which is part-owned by China’s central government.

In an interview, the leader of The Pirates said that he had received death threats from Chinese government agents after announcing the attack.

The Pirate Kings, who have previously claimed responsibility for attacks on Chinese military and police targets, claimed responsibility on Friday for the hacking attack, Xinhua reported.

They called on their supporters to attack Chinese targets.

The hacker’s group also claimed to have hacked a major US energy company, according Xinhua, citing an unnamed source.

“We have hacked into a major energy company in the US and it’s being managed by a big US firm,” the hacker told the website.

Wang also said that The Pirate King had stolen information about more than 20,000 employees of a Chinese energy company that was working on a joint Chinese-US energy project, according.

The source of the data did not give further details about the attack or the identity of the employee.

“China has an energy industry, it’s in the national interest, and there is a good chance that the company’s data is stolen and sold on the black market,” the source told Xinhua in an earlier interview.

Wang did not provide further details on the theft.

China’s foreign ministry has not responded to questions about the theft or Wang’s claim.

In a statement on Thursday, the ministry said it was “aware of the reports” and that it had contacted the hacker.

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