How the world’s most popular e-commerce site is becoming an international investor

How the world’s most popular e-commerce site is becoming an international investor

August 12, 2021 Comments Off on How the world’s most popular e-commerce site is becoming an international investor By admin

Alibaba International Investments, the parent company of Alibaba Group and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, is looking to become an international investment manager with investments in the US, the UK, Singapore and Australia.

Alibaba Group will invest US$3.2bn over three years to finance the fund, which will be managed by global investment firm, WPP, and will target firms and companies based in the UK and Singapore, the company said.

The fund will focus on US companies with significant US market share and large markets, and it will invest up to US$50bn, according to the announcement, which did not detail the size of the fund.

The Alibaba Group investment will be “consistent with our commitment to provide financial services for businesses in emerging markets”, Alibaba Group said in a statement.

The firm added that the fund will also “focus on global investments and provide a global platform for financing”.

“Alibaba is committed to creating opportunities to invest in companies that are growing rapidly, leveraging its global reach and deep roots in the technology and financial services industries,” the statement said.

Alibaba has been looking to expand into the US in recent years, with a US$100bn acquisition of Chinese e-retailer,

Albacore, an online shopping platform for the likes of Walmart, Amazon and Zappos, was acquired by Alibaba last year.

The new fund will be the first investment in the group since its investment in US retailer, Walmart, was valued at US$5.5bn.

It comes amid rising fears of a US tax revolt, with President Donald Trump threatening to impose a 20% corporate income tax rate on overseas earnings if the companies tax is not raised by a negotiated agreement with Congress.

Earlier this month, Alibaba Group announced a US government funding deal worth $US1.8bn ($2.6bn) that will see the firm raise up to $US100bn over a decade through investments in “strategic” US businesses, such as healthcare and education.

It will also use the funding to help fund a number of US-based US startups, including its Alibaba-owned Alipay.

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