How to make a deal with the BBC

How to make a deal with the BBC

September 17, 2021 Comments Off on How to make a deal with the BBC By admin

In January 2016, The Independent published a report on the relationship between the BBC and the private sector.

It revealed that in 2015, the BBC was spending around £5bn on its own research and development (R&D) projects, while another £4bn was spent by the BBC on commercial partnerships with multinational companies such as the British Government.

As the Independent reported, BBC staff, contractors and other “experts” received £3.5bn for their work.

But what was the deal between the two?

In January 2017, The Telegraph revealed that the BBC had a “secret” agreement with a US company to fund “special projects” to produce the BBC’s programmes, but only if it agreed to pay for its own R&D costs.

The BBC then began a formal investigation into the allegations, which led to the resignation of the former head of its R&d department in March 2017.

“The BBC and The Independent have always worked together,” said the BBC director general, Mark Thompson, in a statement to the press.

“We are committed to working with all parties involved to find a way forward for the future of the BBC.”

The new inquiry was commissioned by the Business Secretary, Greg Clark, and his counterpart, the Business Select Committee chairman, Andrew Tyrie.

The inquiry was due to publish its findings in the autumn of 2018.

But the next month, a parliamentary committee called for an inquiry into the BBC, with MPs calling for the investigation to be “transparent and independent”.

The inquiry has since been extended until 2019.

In its inquiry, the inquiry said it “cannot be certain whether the BBC engaged in commercial arrangements” to pay the cost of its own programmes.

Its findings are likely to prove controversial, and the inquiry is currently seeking public submissions.

How does the BBC make money?

According to its website, the “BBC is the largest independent public broadcaster in the world”.

It was set up in 1948 by the First Lady, Elizabeth Taylor, and was originally a “public service broadcaster”.

Its mission is to provide “an international platform for the arts, sciences and technology” and to “broadcast the world’s news and information across the globe”.

The Corporation has a long history of using its own money to fund programmes.

In January 2018, The Sun newspaper reported that the corporation had received £1.3bn from the government over the last decade, with around £700m of that funding coming from the UK.

And last year, it received another £800m in public funding, which it used to pay its executives to work on its behalf.

But while the BBC has its own budget, it also depends on the largesse of other public bodies, such as NHS funding and the BBC Trust.

Why did the BBC say it had no such agreement with the US?

The allegations come after years of controversy over the BBC.

Following the allegations made against the BBC in 2017, the corporation said it had received an inquiry from the independent watchdog, the Parliamentary Standards Authority, into the claims made against it.

It said it would not be making further comment on the matter, but added that “there is no legal requirement that the Corporation should disclose information about any individual individual or group”.

What is the BBC doing about the allegations?

In October 2018, the UK Government said it was looking into the issue and said it hoped to publish a statement on the issue in the near future.

A BBC spokesperson said the corporation has always been “open and transparent about its relationship with the private and public sectors”.

“We always conduct our own R and D programmes, and we are proud of the fact that we are one of the world leaders in the field,” they said.

However, it said it does not “do any funding or investment for programmes that are produced by third parties, such.

as a commercial partner”.

Why is the government looking into BBC matters?

At the beginning of 2017, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would be seeking an investigation into allegations against the corporation, which he said had “the potential to seriously damage our reputation”.

In his statement, Johnson said: “It is a sad day for the BBC when the BBC refuses to take the allegations seriously and the corporation does not report them to the authorities.”

Johnson’s statement was later amended to say that the UK government would be examining “any allegation or complaint that could be relevant to a potential breach of UK laws and regulations”.

But in his statement in May 2018, Johnson did not name any organisations.

He did say that he would work with the public broadcaster “to take the matter forward”. 

What are the BBC programmes?

There are about 600 programmes currently produced by the Corporation, including BBC Two’s Sherlock, BBC Two show Doctor Who, and BBC One’s BAFTA-winning The Imitation Game.

Most of these programmes have been broadcast since 2006. The BBC

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