Global oil prices ‘will rise again’ in two years

Global oil prices ‘will rise again’ in two years

October 9, 2021 Comments Off on Global oil prices ‘will rise again’ in two years By admin

Oil prices will rise again next year, as global demand for the oil supplies will rebound, according to analysts at Societe Generale.

The oil prices for December 2017 are set to rise from $105 a barrel on Friday to $109.50 a barrel, according the company’s research.

This is a big step for the global oil market.

It is very likely that the oil price will continue to rise again in the coming years.

We are looking at a very significant rebound in the price of oil.

That is going to be reflected in the global economy as well.

Source: Irish Times article Oil price: oil rises again in two months article Oil futures rose on Friday, with oil for January at $106.50, up from $104.20 a barrel earlier in the week.

The benchmark US$US$ index of the Brent crude oil futures was up 0.5 per cent on Friday from the previous day’s close.

This comes as a number of major oil producers are considering raising their prices, with Russia and Venezuela the most likely candidates.

The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq have all announced that they will raise prices for next year.

Analysts at Société Generale said the increase in the oil prices is a “major indicator of the recovery in oil prices”.

The rise in the Brent oil price comes on the back of a “significant rebound” in the prices of the world’s most popular oil, said the research firm.

The global oil demand will be boosted by a rebound in demand from China and Russia.

Source (in French): Le Monde: “Petroleos de nouvelle oil se renseignement” (Nouvel le oil se Renseignements), Paris, 15.11.2018, 1.20.2019, 2.00.2019Source (translated): Le Médecins du Pays de l’Environnement se renouvellement était sur le monde, Paris, 16.11:13, 1,20.2020, 2,00.2020.

Source(s): Reuters

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