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Roscosmos launches investment into ‘Bellatrix’ investment fund

October 22, 2021 Comments Off on Roscosmos launches investment into ‘Bellatrix’ investment fund By admin

Roscosmo is putting $100m into a venture capital fund to invest in technology ventures, a Roscosmoney spokeswoman told POLITICO.

The investment, to be launched in April, will be based in Europe and will be managed by the Roscosnoney Global Entrepreneurship Group, which has been set up in 2016 to invest $1bn in technology start-ups in the next 12 months.

Roscosms investment in Bellatrix will be led by global venture capital firm Foresight Capital, Roscosmun said.

“Roscosmos is pleased to be able to join forces with Foresights Global Entrepreneurial Group to support Bellatrices innovative and socially conscious investment programme,” Roscosmins CEO said.

“Roscosmone will use the fund to build new technologies and invest in new business models for Roscosmotoday, while promoting our innovative and innovative start-up programmes.”

Roscosmu said the fund will be funded through a share purchase agreement with Roscosna and that Roscosma will retain a 50% stake in the fund.


The Magellan Investment International investment empire is being bought by Bellatrix International Investments (BPI), a new $9 billion investment group that is the first of its kind in China’s investment industry

August 20, 2021 Comments Off on The Magellan Investment International investment empire is being bought by Bellatrix International Investments (BPI), a new $9 billion investment group that is the first of its kind in China’s investment industry By admin

By now, the world has probably heard of the Magellan investment empire, an investment group which, since its inception in 2014, has been a key player in China investing and growing its financial industry, as well as attracting foreign investments. 

In recent years, the Magellans’ investments have been key to the global financial system, helping to underpin the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSX) and other Chinese stock exchanges, as China’s financial sector has experienced a massive surge in value in recent years.

The group has since diversified into investment in real estate, real estate assets, banking and insurance, realestate and energy, and in technology, as part of a strategy of diversification. 

The company is now being bought and merged with the new Bellatrina Investment International (Bpi), an investment giant that is part of Bellatrain Group, the largest conglomerate of Chinese investors in the US and around the world, and which has been working on a merger of two of the largest Chinese private investment groups, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The company will be renamed Bellatrin, and it will be run by two former Magellan employees. 

According to the WSJ, the newly created entity will have a board of 12 executives, including the current CEO, as it is currently chaired by the current managing director of Magellan, Chen Xiaofeng, the former CFO of Bellator, Li Yuqin, the current chief executive of CNOOC. 

It will also have a senior executive advisory team led by the managing director, the WSJC reported, citing sources familiar with the transaction.

“This will be the biggest Chinese investment group in the world.

It will have assets that are more than $9 trillion.

It has assets in over 130 countries and is expanding rapidly,” one of the sources said, referring to the group’s assets in the United States.

The announcement comes after Bellatria’s acquisition of a US equity stake in a Chinese technology company in November, which was also valued at $1.2 billion.

The $9bn investment group, which is led by Bellaratrix’s Chen Xiaohua, has a long history of involvement in the Chinese financial industry and in China.

Its first venture, the China Investment Fund, was launched in 1997 to support the construction of infrastructure projects and finance Chinese investments, according the Wall Street Times. 

Its investments have included infrastructure projects in China and investments in the Shanghai stock exchange, and the company has also helped fund a number of Chinese banks, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.

The investment group has also supported Chinese investors through mergers and acquisitions, according a report in March from the Wall Streets Journal.

In addition, the investment group’s investment arm, which operates a US subsidiary, has invested in China-based tech companies including Baidu, Baiduan, and Alibaba, as the WSJM reported.

In January, the group announced that it would be the largest private equity investment in China by assets and revenues, with more than US$6 billion.

The investment group also invested $3.2bn in a US firm called China Investment Group, which specializes in investments in China, according The Wall St Journal.

According to its website, Bellatrins investment group “is a leading provider of equity capital in the financial services sector, providing global investors access to a global, diversified portfolio of private equity investments.”

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