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How Israeli and Arab leaders should deal with Iran

September 24, 2021 Comments Off on How Israeli and Arab leaders should deal with Iran By admin

Israeli and Palestinian leaders must find ways to reach a joint statement that will address the growing threat from Iran, said a new book.

The book, published by Israeli and Jordanian publisher Rethinking Israel, said there is no longer any doubt that Israel will remain the main security guarantor of its Arab neighbors, but a new consensus needs to be forged.

The authors say that a joint declaration must include a statement on Iran, saying the two sides need to be prepared to deal with the threat from the Islamic Republic in a manner that protects Israel.

The authors also said that the new strategy must be tailored to the realities of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

“A comprehensive and comprehensive strategy must not only be rooted in a pragmatic approach to dealing with Iran and its nuclear program, but also with the realities and realities of security in the Middle East,” they wrote.

The new book, titled The Next Generation, is a follow-up to a previous one published in 2015.

It was authored by Israeli political scientist Dr. Ephraim Halevy, a former diplomat and former director of the Israel Defense Forces Institute of Strategic Studies.

It also included a report by former Iranian Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi, who said that “the Iranian nuclear program and its potential is a threat to the peace and security of the region.”

The new plan has not yet been endorsed by the new Israeli government.

Read more about Israel, Israel-Palestine, peace in the world:Iran’s nuclear programIn an interview with The Associated Press last week, the former Israeli Defense Forces chief said that if he were to take over, he would try to prevent the country from being drawn into a war.

Halevy, who was a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government in 2010, also warned against the potential consequences of an Israeli strike on Iran.

“We cannot go down to war,” he said.

Haleyvy, now a professor of Middle East and South Asia at Tel Aviv University, said he had a strong sense of Israeli security and national security. “

This is a matter of life and death for the entire region.”

Haleyvy, now a professor of Middle East and South Asia at Tel Aviv University, said he had a strong sense of Israeli security and national security.

Israel has already said it will not attack Iran, though it has expressed doubts about whether it will have the military power to achieve a nuclear weapon.

The Israeli military has carried out dozens of attacks on Iranian targets, most recently targeting the military site of a nuclear facility in Qom.

Israel has repeatedly warned it would not target Iran militarily.

Israel also has been working on a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

While Israel and the Palestinians have agreed to the creation of a Palestinian state in 1967, they have not signed an international agreement to implement it.

Israel has refused to accept the United Nations partition plan, which was approved in 1993, and says that any agreement with a Palestinian leader must be based on the 1967 borders.


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