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Capvest investment assistant is looking for a partner to invest in equities

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Posted May 05, 2018 12:21:16 Capvest Investment International is looking to hire an investment associate to work with its equity team.

Key points:Capvest Investment Assistant is looking at investment partners to invest $1.5 million or moreA new venture capital firm is being established to partner with investors to grow equitiesThe new venture, called Capitalist Ventures, is expected to launch in 2019The firm’s portfolio of investments includes an investment in Equities Investment International and a fund that invests in the global healthcare industry.

Capvest said it wanted to recruit an experienced, highly-paid partner to lead its equity investment team.

“The role will be focused on equities investment, primarily in Australia, where we have investments in healthcare, and will be responsible for overseeing the performance of these investments,” it said in a statement.

The firm is looking “to recruit a senior, highly skilled and experienced partner who can lead a portfolio of equities investing activities and is a good fit for Capvest’s core business of global equities,” it added.

Capsted’s portfolio includes an international equities fund, an equities and commodities fund and a global health and life sciences fund.

In recent years, Capvest has focused on investing in Australia.

In 2015, the company was awarded $3.5 billion in funding by a $25 billion investment from Goldman Sachs, according to the Australian Financial Review.

In 2016, Capsted said it had invested $2.6 billion in Australia and the US.

Caprica Group has also been a strong player in the Australian equities market.

Capventure Capital is one of several equities firms investing in the health sector, with the group investing $10.8 billion in the healthcare sector in the past two years.

Capvet Capital is also investing in a number of equity funds.

The investment group was formed in March, 2017 by two Capsted investors and an Australian businessman who are both from the Australian Capital Territory, according the Financial Review, and is based in Melbourne.

In 2018, Caprica Capital said it was funding $1 billion in equity investments, and said it would be able to invest up to $1 million.

Capventures is one investment firm which has been involved in the equities industry for a long time.

In 2014, Capventure Capital was the first to invest into a major Australian fund with the purchase of the Sydney Morning Herald and the New South Wales Government Securities Fund, according Toowoomba Daily Times.

In September 2018, a Capventure fund was bought by Caprica Group for $5.5bn.

Capinvest is a company which invests in a range of Australian equ.

Its portfolio includes investments in:• A new venture equity fund, which was launched in 2019;• The Australian Government Securities fund, in which it invests;• An equities portfolio based in Sydney;• A fund for healthcare, based in the UK and New Zealand;• Australian and global equity investment funds;• New Australian Equity fund.

The group said in 2018 that it was planning to invest a total of $50 billion in global equ.


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